cropped-viber-image.jpgGöteborgs Universella Kulturförening(GUKF) is a non political cultural association in Göteborg. GUKF is open to every person who is interested. This organization and its members shall not discriminate against any individual(s) for reasons of age, color, disability, gender identity or expression, national origin, race, sex, or ethical belief.  
Every person who is interested in GIKF, has the right to apply for becoming a regular member. The qualifications and rights of regular member are:

  • Register and pay membership fee.
  • Follow all regulations in different events.
  • Has the right to vote in the annual meeting and association meeting.
  • Has the right to be in the GUKF Governing body  or as an auditor.
  • Has the right to be in the GUKF general mailing list.

What We work with

  • Sharing cultural activities/social norms and values.
  • Arranging Cultural program.
  • Awareness build up.
  • Children activities/ Women Activities
  • Sharing cultural activities/social norms and values.
  • Free language teaching


Help Flood affected people

More than 16 million people have been affected by monsoon flooding across the South Asian countries of India, Nepal, and Bangladesh – putting huge numbers at risk of disease, hunger, and death. GUKF request all its members and well wishers to donate for flood affected people in those areas. There is lot of international and local organizations who works directly. Please contact with them and donate for flood affected people.

Donate for GUKF

Donate for Göteborgs Universella Kulturförening

GUKF stands for human rights regardless their religion, nationality, color or culture. Stand beside GUKF,
Donate for GUKF

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Upcoming Activities

Upcoming Activities

Study Session

Launch Seminar


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